Do you have plans of getting married?

When are you getting married?

What’s wrong with you?

What are you doing, you are not getting any younger!!!!!

Fellow single women, have you been asked these questions before?

For me, these are the most common and all time favorite questions and statement I receive from people around me.  My family, friends, colleagues and even a new acquaintance, those who I just met and happen to find out that I’m already 31 and still single.

 Do you agree with me that sometimes these questions are really not helping us at all, right?

 Even though sometimes, they try to sugar coat it like saying 

 “I don’t find any reason at all why you are still single, you are beautiful, kind, successful and smart.“

 Well today, I will let you know my answer to these questions. My reasons why I am still single!

 I am still unmarried because I’ve chosen not to settle, to settle less than the best, please note that I didn’t say perfect okay but I said less than the best! And this is because I do have my standards, which I do believe that most of us have.

And what are these standards? Well here are few of them and you decide for yourself if my standards are achievable or next to impossible.

Aside of course, for  love being the foundation of the relationship, My 1st and most important criterion is that the guy and I should come from the same faith.  Just like Shamshey answer in Ms Universe, if that person loves me, he should love my God too.”  

 Other criteria are, the guy needs to make me feel secure. There should be no anne curtis ,  no other woman in his life.

The guy should also be responsible, especially with His finances like he should know how to use his money and knows how to save for his future and family.

And also He should treat people well and sensitive to the needs of others. Not always thinking highly of himself but treats everyone fairly.

 As what I have read, Love is not the basis for getting married. Rather, love is the result of a good marriage. When the other ingredients are right, then the love will come.

 I know so many people who had made the mistake in getting married for the wrong reasons and end up being separated and others living in a miserable married life.

 I’ll be honest, I, myself was also about to make the same mistake. I was also about to commit to this guy whom I am so in love with but have always been complaining about his attitude towards other people. He is just so prideful, impatient and treats people around him lower than him. I really do love this person so much and I know he loves me too but his character and attitude was just too much, I sacrificed long enough and tried understanding him for a long time because I don’t want to waste the years we’ve been together.

 But this year, I started asking myself if it’s worth it. Even though I’m so in love with him and people around us expect that we are getting married but my big question was, am I really willing to spend my whole life with this person who might never change his attitude towards other people?

 But I thank God for the strength and wisdom, for giving me the courage to end up the relationship and let me stand firm with my STANDARDS. It’s been six months now since I broke up with the person and I must admit that it was not that easy.

 I believe that God has given us a choice. We need to ask for God’s wisdom in choosing our lifetime partner. I realized that we don’t overlook the attitude of the person while we are still not married, we should only overlook when we are married and after that we accept and love them unconditionally no matter.

 But wait. I’m not letting myself off the hook entirely too easily. Let me clarify something — it might be also that it’s not my standards that are the issue why I am still single; it’s other’s standards that are. (The guy’s standard)

I believe that we should also be aware that we might have some issues or wrong attitudes that we need to work on before we get into a relationship.

So Singles, while waiting for Mr. or Ms. right, who can meet our standards, Let us also prepare ourselves to be the person if not to all, but most of the single people would like to end up with.

 But while doing this let us make sure to enjoy this season of us being single. I pray and believe that God is also preparing that person for us. 

 For me, I have faith and believe that I will be happily married someday, probably next year?

 Lastly, Remember guys,  being  single and happy is a choice and being miserable is not an option.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Mae Canlas, 31 years old. Single and Ready to Mingle.

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